Varley delivers fourth mobile blood donor vehicle to Red Cross

This week, Varley Specialised Vehicles’ Queensland branch delivered their fourth mobile blood donation facility vehicle to the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.

The unit will be based in Springwood, QLD, and is replacing the oldest unit within ARCBS ranks, which was produced in 1999. The new vehicle will be active and taking donations from this Monday 26 October.

A remarkable engineering and manufacturing feat, the unit contains many innovative and technologically-advanced features, including:

-          full system control via an in-built touch screen

-          a management system which prompts the operator through to the next function with advice or warning notes when applicable 

-          folding internal floors that operate in conjunction with the expanding sides provide a flat floor throughout the clinic eliminating trip hazards

-          a central air conditioner controller operates and maintains a controlled temperature range 24/7 to meet the customer strict guide lines

-          an on board generator system provides power to ensure the clinic can operate without mains power

-          music facilities, strategic desk positioning and sound insulation to meet speech privacy regulations

-          ample hygiene facilities and safety features

-          a separate staff room allowing the ability to relax away from the public

We are proud to partner with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, and admire the inspirational work that the Service undertakes to benefit so many Australians.