Luncheon with Minister Barilaro

This afternoon, Varley Group Managing Director, Jeff Phillips, had the opportunity to address the visiting State Skills Minister, John Barilaro MP, at an AI Group luncheon.

Minister Barilaro is embarking on a state-wide engagement tour, in which liaison with the business community to discuss a vision for small business, vocational education and the regional economy.

As part of this communicative outreach, today’s luncheon talks were on the subject of “how to enhance a productive economy and create skills for the future”.

In response to this topic, Jeff detailed the transformations that are taking place within the region’s manufacturing industry, and that for our area to ‘go global’ with our economy, we must effectively utilise the reputable engineering and technical skills being developed and displayed at all levels of education, from pre-school to post-graduate and employment.

Jeff also noted the strong economic and skill-based foundations that the region possesses, and called upon Mr Barilaro to encourage and support the investment of international players in order to grow our new industries and provide employment for the area’s skilful professionals.

Varley and Jeff appreciate Mr Barilaro and the AI Group’s lunch invitation and enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the important and open communication.