UoN's Hunter Innovation Forum a major success

Last night, Varley Managing Director, Jeff Phillips, was honoured to present at the University of Newcastle’s Hunter Innovation Forum.

The event gave local businesses and organisations a chance to showcase their innovative ideas to an audience of like-minded and intrigued participants. Presenters and guests hailed from a wide range of industries including manufacturing, mining and energy, health, education, public service and cultural expression.

Jeff’s presentation detailed how innovative business strategy has helped Varley to remain relevant and resilient throughout nearly 130 years of operation. Key talking points were the innovative culture that is perpetually nurtured at Varley through collaborative idea sharing and professional skill development, as well as the company’s plans to remain innovative into the future through the exploration of new markets and close observation of the latest industry trends.

Varley wish to congratulate the University of Newcastle on staging such an inspiring and enjoyable forum, and thank all at UoN for inviting us to participate in the event.