The Varley Story – Part 2

An early shot of Newcastle's famous ship port.

The 1890s were hard years to be in business throughout Australia, particularly in Newcastle. Due to Maritime Strikes, local mine closures and iron trade hardships, sever economic downturns led to a severe depression that lasted most of the decade.

Thanks to George Henry’s innovation and remarkable work ethic, G.H. Varley stayed afloat. The business gritted its teeth and worked its way through the hard times – an effort that has been replicated by Varley management on several occasions since.

George adapted the company’s diverse skills to service a variety of industries during this time, expanding horizons beyond ship repair. As the economic depression came to an end, George was able to capitalise on such extended business capabilities and propagate the company to include a brass foundry, a machine shop and a blacksmith shop.

G.H. Varley had not only made it through an incredibly difficult era, but had also emerged on the other side with a bright future. Interesting times would soon follow…

Stay tuned for more of the incredible Varley Story.