The Varley Story - Part 3:

George and Eleanor (middle row, second and third from left) with the extended family in the early 1900s.

As G.H. Varley entered the 20th Century as a strengthening and increasingly reputable business, George had also started growing the Varley family.

Together with Eleanor, the married couple had ten children – five boys and five girls – which filled the Varley clan’s house in Hamilton to the rafters. Although it was from the sons that future managing directors and chairmen were to come, the Varley daughters retained voting rights and considerable say when it came to important business decisions. It was the women who, in more than one period of company downturn, voted to keep the business running and rebuild. 

This remarkable emphasis on family tradition and equality on the company provided a strong grounding for the company that has existed to this day – whereby Varley remains a family business focused upon driving into the future by overcoming any challenge presented. 

Stay tuned for more of the incredible Varley Story.