The Varley Story – Part 4

The G.H. Varley facility on King St, Newcastle at the time of incorporation in 1912.

In 1912, having survived the turbulence of establishment and becoming an ever-growing business, G.H. Varley Ltd was officially incorporated.

Minutes of the Annual meeting show that George Henry Varley was awarded 3800 preference shares, with an additional 100 shares going to each of Reginald Frederick Hope Varley, his oldest son, and Charles Quinton, the husband of George’s daughter, Harriet. Mrs Quinton remained an influential figure in the company for the next 40 years.

The minutes also note that all 4000 shares had originally been allocated to George Henry, however he insisted that a small portion be given to two of his children.

One ordinary share was also offered to each of the other children; a process that enabled G.H. Varley Ltd to become a joint stock company while keeping a family interest in the endeavour.

This family interest would eventually lead to the family retaining ownership up until present day, and became particularly more significant in the following year…

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