The Varley Story - Part 7

G.H. Varley staff outside the Company's Darby Street office during World War I

In the months surrounding George Henry’s passing, the King Street facility was becoming too small for the Company’s expanding workload, and as a result operations were moved to the previously-constructed Darby Street site.

The Darby facility boasted a foundry, machine shop, and additional workshops for blacksmiths, boilermakers and plumbers. Its large size was continually added to as operations expanded throughout Varley’s 50 year occupation of the site, and its geographic position placed the facility at the heart of Newcastle’s industrial scene.

Soon after came the commencement of World War I. Many Novocastrians were recruited for overseas service, two of whom included George’s sons Ambrose Stanley and Clement York. Both Varley men were in their early twenties at the time, and thankfully both also survived the war.

Whilst his brothers served overseas, Company Managing Director, Reginald Varley – also the Mayor of Hamilton at the time – the firm began to prosper as never before…

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