The Varley Story - Part 6

Reginald F. H. Varley.

Reginald F. H. Varley.

The beginning of 1913 was a sad time at Varley.

In January, Company founder and namesake, George Henry Varley, passed away. George had been solely responsible for Varley’s establishment and successful emergence as a vital component in the Newcastle manufacturing industry.

George’s incredible work ethic, business savvy and family dedication were inspirational to the Company’s ongoing successes in later years, and are ingrained in the Varley culture to this day.

George’s shares in the Company were distributed evenly among his sons and daughters, and were closely held by the family for ten decades to come. This greatly united the family and encouraged all members to forgo many personal interests in order to work together to continue George’s exceptional legacy.

A special Company meeting on January 29, 1913 saw George’s eldest son, Reginald Frederick Hope Varley, appointed as Managing Director and chairman. In the wake of an enormous loss, a new generation of Varley was dawning…

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