The Varley Story – Part 25

The Iron Carpentaria and Iron Curtis, together at Varley's docks.

Varley's reputation in the ship repair industry received a further boost in the 1970s and 1980s era when the Varley 'Egyptians' won a major contract to convert two bulk carriers, after competing with twenty two other tender responders from around the world. The contract was to remove the gas turbines within the vessels, the Iron Carpentaria and the Iron Curtis, and replace them with propulsion units.

The task ahead was no easy one, but Varley employees tackled it with high enthusiasm. The Iron Carpentaria was first, posing numerous problems with the old turbines requiring removal without the assistance of heavy-lifting facilities. The team brainstormed and soon intelligently decided that the best solution was to cut a doorway into the bulkhead, with the turbines being winched out by crane. The same process was followed for the Iron Curtis.

The contract was completed with enormous success and to such a high standard that a great deal of respect was earned by Varley’s ship repair team, and many other major ship conversions followed as a result...

Stay tuned for more of the incredible Varley Story.