The Varley Story – Part 27

Pictured: the extended Varley family in 1986.

The 1980s were exciting years for Varley.

Perhaps most notably, 1986 saw the celebration of 100 years in business for the family-owned-and-operated engineering company. Varley had undergone many changes throughout its century, starting out as a small boiler-making business specialising in ship repairs through to a major player in the engineering and manufacturing industry.

Prior times had witnessed the expansion of the company through the acquisition of extra facilities, new business ventures, vast staff increases and the successful completion of many large-scale projects. Despite this, Varley’s first century included its fair share of struggles and hard times, with the consideration on closing the business being raised more than once.

However, thanks to numerous acts of dogged determination coupled with acute business acumen, Varley’s loyal and dedicated leaders and employees had always pulled the company through to greener pastures. A key element of these efforts was the common concept that diversification into new and emerging markets was the answer to lifting the company’s welfare.

Therefore, at the time of Varley’s 100th birthday celebrations, Varley not only offered basic ship repairs and general manufacturing, but also diverse metal fabricating services, power station refurbishments, rail services and large-scale industrial engineering.

As a result, the celebrations for Varley’s 100th were joyous, proud and excited for the future to come – and deservedly so!


Stay tuned for more of the incredible Varley Story.