Top US breast cancer research professor to present at HMRI with NEW drug discovery treatment

Professor Venu Raman

Professor Venu Raman

Director of Molecular Therapeutics and professor of Radiology of the John Hopkin University, Venu Raman is to visit the Hunter Medical Research this week to present new discoveries for cancer treatment.

Raman and his team developed a first in-class drug called RK-33 which began while conducting research to understand the effect of second hand smoke on breast cancer. The now patented small molecule inhibitor of the DDX3 gene is an exciting first in-class pharmaceutical.

Since metastatic breast cancers have very high levels of DDX3, previously there have been few drugs that have any long lasting impact against metastatic cancers. “We think RK-33 will work in any cancer that requires DDX3. And so far, all these difficult cancers require DDX3” says Raman.


Professor Vanu Raman will be in Newcastle the 11th of May to visit and present his biogenesis of the RK-33 drug as a treatment for cancer; and bring into focus how to take bench side research to the bed side.

Ramans' research has also been greatly supported by the Fishing Cures Foundation in the United States assisting in funding for their research. World-class Hunter region engineering company, Varley Group supports the Fishing Cure Foundation and also recently donated $1,000 to the HMRI (Hunter Medical Research Institution) through fund raising efforts.

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