Varley Group challenges Varley US to Fishing competition and raises $1,000 for HMRI

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Last week Varley Group donated $1,000 to the HMRI (Hunter Medical Research Institute) in support to fighting illnesses affecting lives throughout the world. The money was raised through a friendly fishing challenge amongst Varley corporate comrades between Australia and the USA.

In the purpose of fund raising for cancer the two Varley teams arranged the fishing event through the US fund raising organisation Fishing Cures. The friendly challenge was set on United States home waters seeing Varley US winning the challenge and donating their prize to the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Centre.

As both teams were in the challenge to support their own chosen cause, Varley Group was awarded with a portion of the funds to donate to the HMRI (Hunter Medical Research Institute).

Varley group CEO, Jeff Phillips said "Cancer has touched many of my friends and relatives, I am proud to join Fishing Cures as it supports researchers on the hunt for cures."