Varley Group, CTSi & Air Affairs form strategic “Mudbucket®” Partnership

Varley Group and CTSi to upgrade the mission capabilities for Australian LearJets

Avalon Air Show (February 2019) – Air Affairs, Varley Group & CTSi and have announced a strategic “Mudbucket® Partnership” to upgrade the mission capabilities of Air Affairs’ LearJets.  Currently, Air Affairs provides red air support and target towing services for the Australian Defence Force.  These enhancements will afford the Air Affairs flight crew unprecedented situational awareness during the exercises, therefore improving the training & operational outcomes for the Australian Defence Force.


CTSi, through Varley Australia, will design and install an avionics upgrade package, based on the proven “Mudbucket®: Solution for Avionics Integration” technology that will display the position of other aircraft in the vicinity so the pilots will be able engage with those aircraft in a more realistic scenario.  The situational awareness will also dramatically increase the level of safety during the training operations.


“We at Air Affairs will now be able provide a level of training for our customers that we’ve not been able to before,” says Chris Sievers, CEO of Air Affairs.  “We will still provide a reliable, low-cost platform for the ADF, but now with a capability that will take training to a whole new level.”


Tom Sanders, CEO of CTSi, says, “We are thrilled to be a member of this “US – AU” team that bring our US-based avionics experience to bear for our key allies here in Australia.”


“Varley Group has a track record of providing key capabilities and support to our warfighters, and we’re excited to be able to build on that legacy into the next generation and beyond,” says Jeff Phillips, Managing Director of Varley Group.  “Our customers will rely on this Mudbucket® Partnership for innovative airborne solutions for years to come.” 


This new direction for the Varley Group demonstrates the latest leading-edge technology for Avionics and Cyber space.


With Air Affairs’ operational expertise, Varley Group’s capability, and CTSi’s innovative engineering, the Mudbucket® Partnership creates a world-class team in the air services arena unmatched around the globe.


About CTSi

CTSi (a part owned USA division of Varley Group) is a specialising integrated solutions business developed to solve challenging technical problems. With 2018 sales over $50M and a solid SBIR track record, CTSi is positioned for rapid growth to meet emerging demand within the U.S. DoD for new technologies. See more about CTSi at


About Varley Group

Varley Group is Australia’s oldest and most advanced engineering company. The company success is in providing customers with innovative solutions and quality in design and manufacture. It provides a comprehensive range of services and products to a wide variety of major industries..  See more about Varley Group at


About Air Affairs

Air Affairs Australia is a highly capable and innovative Aviation Flight Operations and Engineering-based company.  Established in 1995 and 100% Australian owned, Air Affairs is a leader in the provision of specialized airborne and engineering services to the Defence Forces, Government departments and multinational companies in Australia and around the world.  See more about Air Affairs at