University Scholarship Winner Jamie Arthurs talks about his time at Varley

What Degree are you currently completing? At which university?

Mechanical Engineering (Newcastle)

How long have you been interning with Varley?

58 weeks (plus 10 last year)

Which Varley divisions did you work with?

Defence, Electric Vehicles, VSV

What did you enjoy the most about your time at Varley?

Building skills and getting up to a professional standard of work.

What was the most interesting project you worked on?

I was most involved in the medium tanker project and had more design input. I found this project the most engaging.

What tasks would you perform in a typical day?

Most of my work was based around design and drafting, lots of red pen updates early on in the placement. I also did paperwork, consulted with production and procurement and did odd jobs to lighten the load of colleagues.

How will your time here at Varley help you with your career in the future?

I will be graduating with about a year and a half’s experience doing real engineering work, while most of the work I did was at a lower level it was all of real value to the business and real practical experience as part of a team is invaluable.

What will you miss most about working at Varley?

I’ll probably never get to work on projects quite as cool as fire trucks and electric superbikes again. It really appeals to the childhood dreams of building something so relatable and interesting.

Any advice for other engineering students who plan to complete work experience here in the future?

Buff up your design skills, most of your work will be related to design and drawing as well as production support. It’s a really cool company and the right size that you get to know everyone. Put your hand up for what you’d like to do and the managers will usually be accommodating in letting you build on experience in new fields